The concept:

If you are looking for results then Unique Health and Fitness is for you! We have created a unique gym in which every session is goal orientated, motivational, enjoyable and sociable.  Each session is delivered by a fully qualified personal trainer who will motivate you and focus on your individual goals. The trainer will push and challenge you maximizing every minute that you’re working out. This concept ensures our members receive a personal feel whilst benefiting from the group “buzz” which makes our gym unique!

Small group personal training is a great way for people to benefit from the quality of service and individual attention you receive with Personal Training at a fraction of the price. You get all the dietary and training support, guidance and motivation as you would with a 1-2-1 personal trainer, with the added bonus of a positive, supportive social group atmosphere.

Like most gyms, you are not simply left to your own devices! We will discuss your individual goals and make sure you get the results you are looking for. We achieve this through a personal service. We deliver regular health assessments and educate members through our “unique nutrition guide” guide helping members make a lifestyle change which gives lasting results.

Our Sessions:

Are you at the start of your fitness journey? Or already a fitness fanatic or even an elite athlete? Either way, Unique Fitness sessions are designed for all age ranges and fitness levels. Each session is delivered by one of our experienced personal trainers who will know each individuals goals and fitness levels and tailor the workout accordingly.

Each 60 minute session is different! We use a variety of training methods to ensure that we always keep the body guessing. This style and constant variety of training keeps the body from hitting a plateau, whilst keeping the sessions motivating and enjoyable!

Some of the training methods you can expect to use in our sessions are high intensity interval training, functional based training, resistance training, core stability work, “free weight training” and boxing.

We also use science based training, used by many elite athletes, through heart rate monitors. We have developed a unique experience in which members can benefit from this proven science in a fun and motivating environment to help get you results at a faster rate! Heart rate training led by experienced personal trainers creates a highly motivating environment!

Heart rate training:

In each session “POLAR” Heart Rate Transmitters track and monitor members progress live on screens situated around the studio. A workout performance report tracking heart rate is then sent by email to each member at the end of the session allowing them to review their workout performance and monitor improvement over time.

Heart rate training allows the personal trainers to control the intensity of exercise and help members to train within their target training zones. The monitors give live biofeedback, allowing members to know what is going on inside their body! The visual stimulus motivates members and helps them achieve their goals quickly and safely!

The theory: We use high intensity interval training to get members working at 85% or higher of their heart rate maximum. If members can achieve between 12-20 minutes in this zone they can increase their metabolic rate for up to 36 hours after the workout. This is known as the “calorie after burn” effect.

Our Story:

We are brothers, (Aidan and Oliver Pemberton) and share a passion for the health and fitness industry. We have trained ourselves for many years and experimented with differing training regimes broadening our knowledge surrounding the industry. We are both qualified personal trainers with experience in both 1-2-1 personal training and small group personal training. It became clear to us that personal training delivered excellent results to clients in a personal motivating environment, however only a select market can afford this expense on a weekly basis. Through working in the fitness industry and being members of large chain gyms, we have gained a valuable insight into what makes members tick! Members often feel “left on their own” and lost in large impersonal gyms. We were surprised of the number of non-attending members in these gyms and the lack of motivation and boredom of the people who did go. Most importantly, we became frustrated that very few members actually achieved their goals. We wanted to create a personal gym in which the trainers not only know members names but know them on a personal level and understand each individual’s goals. Furthermore, to create a gym that is motivating, enjoyable and results driven.

Our Facilities:


-Cardio: Treadmills, X-Trainers, Rowers, Spin bikes, boxing bags.

-Weights: Squat racks, Olympic bars, Dumbbells, benches.

-Functional: Kettlebells, TRX, battle ropes, sled, running track, medicine balls, steps, hurdles, Swiss ball.

-Changing room facilities for men and women with showers and lockers.

-Separate men’s and women’s toilets.

-Car park.

Unique Nutrition:

At Unique Health & Fitness we educate members on the importance of diet and nutrition. An experienced personal trainer will educate you on how to maintain a healthy and balanced diet and why it is so important. Members will also receive a “Unique Nutrition Guide” which gives simple advice surrounding nutrition it also lists healthy recipe ideas with specific calorie breakdown covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. We also calculate individual calorie and macronutrient intake for specific goals.  Food diaries are completed by members upon starting and every 12 weeks ongoing. Detailed feedback is then given by a personal trainer to help members improve their diet to work towards their goals.

Health assessments:

Introductory health assessment: Upon joining a health assessment is delivered to assess a member’s current state of health and to collect some information to help monitor their progress towards their goals. A personal trainer will help the member to set realistic short term and long term goals that are measurable over time.

Regular health assessments & goal setting: Six weeks after the introductory H/A the member will be assessed again with a personal trainer to see if they are progressing towards their goals and to set new targets if needed. Regular H/A are then delivered every 12 weeks to ensure members are motivated and working towards their goals. We use a 5 point health assessment check to ensure all members goals can be monitored extensively.

Our 5 point health check includes:

  • Body weight
  • Muscle and fat %
  • Waist measurements
  • Blood pressure
  • Lung capacity